Lack of education makes every other issue on this list worse. It is also an issue within itself because it decreases the amount of creative solutions developed by people.

Improving education does not necessarily mean that everyone needs to go to college/university. It doesn’t even necessarily need to have to do with schools at all. Any method of transferring skills and knowledge is important.


  • Due to lack of education, people may make poor choices that have negative political, social, economic, and environmental ramifications
  • Democracy is strengthened when an educated public is voting
  • Each world issue on this list may get worse because solutions are more likely to be found and implemented by an educated public
  • Lack of education can make many other issues worse by:


  • Approximately 263 million children and youth are not receiving an education as of 2016  due to factors such as war, famine, child marriage, child labor
  • In 2015, 4 billion people lacked internet access. This number may trend towards zero by 2020. The internet can help improve education in developing countries
  • Approximately 1 in 3 EU residents and 1 in 4 US residents don’t know that the sun revolves around the Earth
  • Finland, Switzerland, and Belgium were ranked as having the top three education systems in 2016​
  • MOOCs are becoming increasingly popular
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