Balancing the world’s population is going to be a complicated challenge in the coming years. The most important problem is overpopulation; our planet can’t currently support us indefinitely based on our resource consumption, and our population is only growing. With technological advances and increases in responsible consumerism Earth will be able to sustain a very large number of people, but for now overpopulation is a significant problem. The second problem is underpopulation; the population of many countries isn’t growing fast enough maintain their labor force and care for their aging population. This is a growing problem in many Western countries, as well as Japan.


  • The population may continue growing too quickly for current energy and food sources and the earth will run out of resources
  • Global issues including climate change, hunger, war, and poverty will be exacerbated by the growing population
  • Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts that medical technologies will add one additional year every year to life expectancy by 2029, effectively making us immortal and raising the issue of many people wanting to live forever   
  • Countries may face economic decline due to underpopulation


  • You can see the population increasing live here
  • If everyone alive today wanted to live like the average american, we would need to reduce the global population to 1.9 billion to live sustainably
  • Earth overshoot day occured on August 1 in 2018, signifying that we are currently using the regenerable resources of 1.7 Earths
  • Calculate your personal Earth Overshoot Day here!
  • There is a wide range of estimates for Earth’s maximum carrying capacity, because it depends on the type of lifestyle that everyone is living, and what technologies are feeding that lifestyle. For example, if everyone went vegan and travelling, and robots grew all our food hydroponically, the Earth could sustain perhaps billions more people
  • Life expectancy is steadily increasing
  • GMO’s can help feed an ever growing population
  • In many countries, the population is decreasing too much
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