The Four Laws of Robotics – 001 – Women’s T-Shirt



Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics

In 1942, sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov wrote about the Three Laws of Robotics, a  moral code designed to keep robots from endangering humans. Asimov created these laws because he understood how dangerous advanced robots could be if insufficient care is taken with their programming. While Asimov’s laws were a great starting place, the general consensus is that they would not work in real life.

(Note: the three laws have been abridged for this shirt.)

This shirt emphasizes the Laws’ limitations and the danger we may still be in by adding a simple, yet realistic ‘fourth law.’

Making humans obsolete

One common fear is that with advances in robotics and AI, more and more jobs will be taken over by computers and machines. This is a similar fear to that of the Luddites during the industrial revolution. The Luddites were British textile workers who fought against the rise of automatic looms that were putting them out of work. It is easy to look back on the Luddites and claim that they were wrong – the rise of machines has clearly been a huge boon to the economy and to human progress. Machines have lead to many new jobs, such as machine designer and repair worker. However, we must not forget that the Luddites were forced to endure a very difficult period of adaptation.

As technology continues to develop, many jobs will be created, perhaps more than are initially taken by robots; however, it’s important to note that the jobs being created will be very different. Any job involving repetition, such as cashier or truck driver, will disappear, while highly technical or creative jobs, such as engineering or writing, will remain for a while. However, is it realistic for all truck drivers to retrain as programmers? Maybe, but it may be a difficult transition for many people.

It’s also important to realise that technology will not create new jobs forever. Human capabilities are not improving that quickly; we aren’t growing new arms or increasing the size of our brains. As robots and AI improve, the number of tasks that humans can do that machines cannot will continually decrease, until it reaches zero. This may effectively render humans obsolete.

One potential way around this is to modify the human genome or turn humans into cyborgs (although this could lead to some ethical issues and exacerbate wealth inequality). However, there’s the possibility that computers will eventually be so advanced that human biology would only slow them down.

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Comes pre-shrunk to ensure a constant size over time and multiple washes.

• Pre-shrunk 100% ring-spun cotton
• 30 singles thread weight
• Classic contoured silhouette with side seams
• Single-needle stitched seamed collar
• Double-needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem



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