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Soft & Sustainable

Our shirts are made out of 50% recycled polyester, 25% organic cotton, and 25% TENCEL​™ Modal. Each shirt is:

Made from 6 recycled bottles

Only 9% of plastic in North America is recycled every year. Instead, plastic is being dumped in our oceans and landfills, where it takes up to 400 years to biodegrade. In the oceans, plastic bottles break down into microplastics over time due to UV light and currents. These microplastics end up in ocean animals, and eventually in humans that eat ocean products such as fish and table salt.

That’s why our shirts are made from plastic bottles that are collected, washed, de-labeled, shredded, melted into pellets, and then turned into a soft fiber. 

Carbon Neutral

Although our shirts are already very sustainable, emissions are still generated throughout the manufacturing process. We partner with the United Nations to offset these emissions. We account for emissions from:

We obviously need to make some assumptions when calculating these emissions, but  we always assume the worst-case scenario. This way, you can be certain that your shirt fuels conversations, rather than the fossil-fuel industry.

Made with 70% less water

It takes 2700L of water to make a cotton t-shirt. That would be enough drinking water to last you two and a half years! Our blend of recycled plastic, TENCEL™, and organic cotton means our shirts need 70% less water to produce than a regular cotton tee. 

Beech trees TENCEL

Made with TENCEL™

Our shirts are made from 25% TENCEL™ Modal, which is derived from sustainably harvested beech trees. The trees are grown in forests that are both carefully managed and certified, and the forests are only harvested at the amount that the trees can naturally regrow. TENCEL™ also makes our shirts extremely soft, lightweight, and breathable. 

Ethically manufactured

Our shirts are made in Haiti for a living wage: workers are paid 4x above the going rate for similar jobs in the area. LIFE, the Haitian facility where our shirts are produced, donates 100% of their profits to programs that supports orphans. 

Ecoenclose 100% 2

Sustainably Packaged

Your shirts are packaged with love in a 100% recycled plastic mailer. The mailer is weather proof, and we don’t use any unnecessary packaging. The mailer even comes with an extra sealing strip so that you can re-use it! If you don’t want to reuse it, you can always recycle it again.

300% Green Website

How can something be 300% green? Because it’s AWESOME!

Our website is hosted by GreenGeeks, the world’s #1 green webhost. For every Joule of energy this website uses, GreenGeeks buys 3x the energy from renewable resources. Take that, Big Oil! 

Starting your own website? Use this affiliate link and we’ll donate 10% of our commission to Solar Sister!

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